Our wedding limos are equipped with all the amenities that are required for the wedding. Also, our service quality is top-notch, because we aim to provide the best experience to our customers all the time. Hence, our wedding limos are popular in a wide Make your weddings the talk of the town using our wedding service. Do you want a memorable wedding and a honeymoon? Then call our wedding services to make it true.

Punctuality and reliability

Our wedding limos in Alameda are punctual. Thus, you don’t have to worry about getting late for your own wedding ceremony. Also, our wedding limos are available 24/7, hence, you can book them at your leisure. Our highly-trained customer support staff will also help you in choosing the best wedding limo, according to your requirements. The reliability of our customer support, and our drivers, is second to none. And they always get the job done, whatever the odds may be.

Honeymoon service

A honeymoon is a necessary part of a wedding. And to complete the wedding, our wedding limos in Oakland can help. You can book our wedding limos, and tell us about your honeymoon destination. This way, we can arrange the perfect limo that can take you on your honeymoon. Along the way, you can ask the driver to give you privacy, and he will surely oblige. You can also ask for a customized honeymoon trip as well. You can book thus book the limo for the entirety of your honeymoon. Thus, our services tend to provide our customers with high-quality services at low prices.

Saves you a lot of money

Our honeymoon services are designed to provide you with the best quality service, at affordable rates. Our service charges are one-time only, and we don’t charge additional or hidden charges during or after the service. Hence, our customers, from across all income groups, can enjoy the benefits of a wedding limo. And make their weddings as memorable as possible.


Our drivers are conscious of your privacy and will provide you all the space that you need. For this purpose, partitions are installed in the limo that can isolate the passenger area from the driver area. Hence, you can relax in private, and no one will disturb you.

Wedding perks

We are conscious that a wedding is a big day for our customers. Thus, as a small gift, we tend to provide our customers with many wedding perks in our limos. They can include a small wedding present, a fully stocked complimentary mini-bar, TV, air conditioning, and loud surround sound speakers for you to enjoy your music, and continue the festivities. Also, we also offer discounts to our new customers as well.

Thus, we at Evolve Executive Car Service believe in providing the best possible service, to our loyal customers. And for that, we always tend to go the extra mile. Also, our customers are like family to us, and we tend to take proper care of our family.